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Nouvelles de la Grande Secousse

14/08/2018: Heroic nurses react to eathquake in southwest China (South China Morning Post )
13/08/2018: Lombok earthquake death toll surges above 400 (CNN)
13/08/2018: Only deadly NZ tsunami on record hit the Chathams, 150 years ago (The Press NZ)
10/08/2018: Indonesian Islands Were Shaken in Quake. Tourists' Confidence Was Too. (New York Times)
09/08/2018: Forget Doorframes: Expert Advice on Earthquake Survival Strategies (Scientific American)
07/08/2018: The Latest: Soldiers pull man alive from collapsed mosque (ABC News)
07/08/2018: More Than 100 Dead After Indonesia's 2nd Major Earthquake In A Week (AOL Canada)
07/08/2018: Research finds that earthquakes can systematically trigger other ones on the opposite side of Earth (Continuity Central)
06/08/2018: Indonesia Earthquake: At Least 98 Dead and 20,000 Homeless (New York Times)
06/08/2018: Surrey earthquakes: Scientists call for oil drilling ban as mysterious tremors continue to strike region (The Independent)
01/08/2018: Re-measuring Mt Everest (Nepali Times)
31/07/2018: New Model Reveals Rips in Earth's Mantle Layer Below Southern Tibet (Research & Development)
30/07/2018: Shakeout drill successful, says city gov’t (Manila Bulletin)
28/07/2018: Lombok earthquake: 14 killed on Indonesian tourist island (CNN)
28/07/2018: Deadly Quake Strikes Indonesian Island of Lombok (The New York Times)
26/07/2018: Big one' coming? Earthquakes off the West Coast could eventually trigger a global event (FOX News)
24/07/2018: Researchers develop model for predicting landslides caused by earthquakes (PHYS.ORG)
22/07/2018: Minor earthquake again shakes Sea of Galilee (The Times of Israel)
22/07/2018: Iran SHAKES after fourth major earthquake hits country in two days (
21/07/2018: Frida the hero dog gets her own statue for saving people in wake of Mexico earthquake (CBS NEWS)
16/07/2018: The 'death box' where Seattle earthquake researchers work (KUOW)
14/07/2018: CHECKLIST: What barangays should prepare for an earthquake (Rappler)
14/07/2018: How to put together an earthquake/typhoon preparedness kit at the �100 shop (Japan Today)
14/07/2018: ARC 'Pillowcase Project' increases hazard awareness (Hill Country Community Journal)
11/07/2018: Watch Cats Run 10 Seconds Before an Earthquake Hits (Huffington Post)
10/07/2018: Israel Steps Up Earthquake Preparation after Series of Tremors (CBN News)
10/07/2018: Be Prepared: Safety Tips to Follow Before, During and After an Earthquake (The Jerusalem Post)
10/07/2018: 9 natural disasters that took the lives of hundreds of thousands (Business Insider)
09/07/2018: Estimate: 80,000 Buildings in Danger of Collapsing in Face of Earthquake (The Jerusalem Post)
03/07/2018: What's shakin'? Broadband networks, fiber-optic cables could help detect earthquakes (USA Today)
02/07/2018: What was learned form the Osaka earthquake? (Japan Times)
29/06/2018: New Simulations Break Down Potential Impact of a Major Quake by Building Location and Size (Office of Science - U.S. Department of Energy)
28/06/2018: Explosions at Hawaii's Kilauea summit keep producing magnitude 5.3 quakes (CNN)
27/06/2018: A Seismic Change in Predicting How Earthqaukes Will Shake Tall Buildings (New York Times)
26/06/2018: Hokkaido and Pacific coast now understood to face higher risk of powerful earthquakes (Japan Times)
26/06/2018: Leading earthquake scientists, engineers, and policymakers convene so societies can better prepare to survive and recover (Philadelphia Tribune)
24/06/2018: Local authorities say more than 6,000 structures were damaged in recent Osaka earthquake (Japan Times)
22/06/2018: Summer Could Trigger Major Earthquakes (It's Not Why You Think) (LiveScience)
21/06/2018: Researchers say an earthquake emoji could save lives (Fast Company)
18/06/2018: Writing About Earthquakes, and Feeling One (New York Times)
18/06/2018: No, World Cup Fans Didn't Trigger an Earthquake. Here's Why. (National Geographic)
18/06/2018: 4 dead after Osaka hit with massive 6.1 magnitude earthquake (Dayton Daily News)
18/06/2018: Mexico fans may have caused an earthquake while celebrating World Cup win (Deseret Morning News)
17/06/2018: Earthquake kills 3, injures hundreds in western Japan (LA Times)
14/06/2018: Northland introduces indoor tsunami alerting option (Insurance Business New Zealand)
14/06/2018: Underwater fiber-optic cables could moonlight as earthquake sensors (Science News Online)
13/06/2018: National Security: National Preparedness Month (ALA In the Know eBulletin)
13/06/2018: Smart ECBS boosts NDRRMC disaster preparedness efforts (SwirlingOverCoffee)
05/06/2018: Why is Guatemala's volcanic eruption so much deadlier than Hawaii's? (
04/06/2018: We still dont know how to predict major earthquakes, and its possible we never will (Yahoo! News)
03/06/2018: How to Pack an Emergency Kit for Any Disaster (nytimes)
27/05/2018: Aichi hopes to see million participate in September quake drill (japantimes)
23/05/2018: How to earthquake proof your home for less than $50 (ABC7)
10/04/2018: Aftershocks hit Papua New Guinea as it recovers from a remote major earthquake (Random Thoughts)
10/04/2018: USA: Federal funding increase moves ShakeAlert closer to reality (Prevention Web)
10/04/2018: Magnitude 6.2 earthquake rattles Chile (Sify)
10/04/2018: Haiti Records 20 Earthquakes During First Quarter Of This Year (Pride News)
09/04/2018: Wales earthquake is biggest 'onshore UK event' in 10 years (Bismarck Tribune)
06/04/2018: PNG earthquake’s political aftershocks require careful handling (East Asia Forum)
05/04/2018: 6.2 magnitude quake strikes Mindanao in Philippines: USGS (Indian Express)
04/04/2018: Can Asia improve its mixed record on disaster preparedness? (Nikkei Asian Review)
04/04/2018: Is the Ring of Fire becoming more active? (Nikkei Asian Review)
03/04/2018: Mag 5.9 quake shakes El Salvador, but no damage reported (ABC News)
03/04/2018: Powerful 6.8 quake strikes Bolivia: USGS (Business Standard India)
03/04/2018: Modeling future earthquake and tsunami risk in southeast Japan (Innovations Report)
03/04/2018: A giant crack in Kenya opens up, but what's causing it? (CBS News)
03/04/2018: Mexico analyzes seismological footprint with Japanese technology (Notimex)
03/04/2018: Major insurer to charge more for high risk earthquake prone homes yesterday (Newstalk ZB)
02/04/2018: What on Earth? (What on Earth?)
29/03/2018: How effective are earthquake warnings? (Financial Express Bangladesh)
28/03/2018: Earthquake imminent; Geological Survey Authority warns (Graphic Ghana)
27/03/2018: Top Ten Doomsday Disasters (Top Ten Doomsday Disasters)
20/03/2018: Candles on the Sand (Santa Monica Mirror)
20/02/2018: Earthquake early warning: How the U.S. trails Mexico in potential life-saver (
19/02/2018: Earthquake shakes southern Mexico for second time in three days (
19/02/2018: Large Mexico quakes offer clues about the Northwest (
17/02/2018: Britain reacts to an underwhelming" earthquake" (
17/02/2018: 7.2 quake damages 50 homes, but Mexico avoids major destruction (
17/02/2018: Helicopter Assessing Earthquake Damage Crashes In Mexico, Killing 13 (
16/02/2018: Magnitude 7.2 earthquake slams Mexico's Oaxaca state (
15/02/2018: How to Prepare Your Community for a Disaster (
06/02/2018: Quake alerts no substitute for resilient buildings, communities (
06/02/2018: 2 dead, 198 injured after 6.4-magnitude quake off Taiwan (
06/02/2018: M6.4 Taiwan temblor leaves at least two dead, topples hotel: premier (
05/02/2018: Philippines volcano seen from space in satellite images (
05/02/2018: Weak Hydrogen Bonds Key to Strong, Tough Infrastructure (
05/02/2018: Lava fountains, rumbling, earthquakes continue at Mayon (
05/02/2018: Hualien quakes sign that Taiwan has entered 100-year earthquake cycle: Researcher (
05/02/2018: 'Swarm' of 19 earthquakes strike eastern Taiwan on Tuesday (
04/02/2018: Global toll from landslides is heaviest in developing countries (
02/02/2018: China launches satellite to study earthquake precursors (
02/02/2018: Should you buy earthquake insurance? (
02/02/2018: Surviving natural disasters: Earthquake and tsunami scenarios (
01/02/2018: WATCH | Mayon Volcano spews less lava but more ash; experts remain watchful (
31/01/2018: Pakistan and Afghanistan rocked by deadly earthquake (
31/01/2018: Japan: Resilient Infrastructure PPPs - Contracts and Procurement: The Case of Japan (
31/01/2018: NZ_s big natural disaster questions get $1m EQC research funding (
23/01/2018: Earthquake Shakes Alaska and Sends a Shudder of Alarm Along the Coast (New York Times)
28/11/2017: Surprise: Increased Hurricane Activity During the Younger Dryas (
28/11/2017: 'Megathrust' Earthquake And Tsunami Could Ravage New Zealand (
25/11/2017: A call for preparedness (
24/11/2017: Israel raises tsunami awareness (
22/10/2017: Millions Worldwide Participate In 2017 Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills (
20/10/2017: The Whole State of California Did an Earthquake Drill. Here's How You Can Prepare, Too. (
19/10/2017: California Prepares for the 'Big One' With Earthquake Drill (
19/10/2017: Memories of the Northridge Earthquake ripple as CSUN takes part in the Great ShakeOut (
04/05/2017: An earthquake is coming to Quebec this Spring (
04/10/2016: Ready for the big shake? - Insurance Bureau of Canada invites Quebecers to try out earthquake simulator (
24/09/2016: Province-wide earthquake education event planned for Oct. 20 (
26/08/2016: Quoi faire et ne pas faire en cas de séisme (La Press)
26/07/2016: Séismes: les Québécois inconscients des risques qu'ils courent (La Press)
03/05/2016: Prepared for a natural disaster? (Le Lezard)
19/04/2016: The Latest: Ecuador says death toll from quake jumps to 413 (
19/04/2016: Ecuador counts over 400 quake deaths, damage in the billions (
19/04/2016: Aftershocks Rattle Japan as Deaths From Quakes Rise to 45 (The New York Times)
19/04/2016: Dramatic Rescue Amid Rubble Gives Ecuador Hope for Survivors (The New York Times)
19/04/2016: Preparing for the Big One (Huffington Post)
19/04/2016: More aftershocks feared in wake of Kumamoto quake (
19/04/2016: Japan Earthquake: 'I Thought I Was Going to Die' (The New York Times)
16/10/2014: La Grande Secousse du Québec 2014 : Exercice pratique sur les tremblements de terre : connaissez-vous les bons comportements à adopter? (CNW Telbec (FR))
16/10/2014: À 10 h 16, c’est la Grande secousse! (L'Hebdo Charlevoisien)
16/10/2014: /R E P R I S E -- La Grande Secousse du Québec 2014 : Exercice pratique sur les tremblements de terre : connaissez-vous les bons comportements à adopter?/ (CNW Telbec (FR))
09/09/2014: La Grande secousse gagne le Québec (TVA Nouvelles)
09/09/2014: Une « Grande secousse » le 16 octobre au Québec (Actualités - MSN CA)
06/10/2013: La Grande Secousse de Charlevoix: un bon apprentissage (Hebdo Charlevoisien)
26/09/2013: Séisme simulé dans la région de Charlevoix (Journal Métro)
26/09/2013: Se préparer à la Grande Secousse (RCI)
26/09/2013: Gouvernement du Québec : La Grande Secousse de Charlevoix : plus de 13 000 inscriptions! (
26/09/2013: À 10 h 36, ce matin - Le BAC encourage les Québécois à se baisser, s'abriter et s'agripper (
26/09/2013: La Grande secousse est une réussite (CIMT)
26/09/2013: Un franc succès pour la Grande Secousse de Charlevoix! (TVCVM)
26/09/2013: (CIHO)
26/09/2013: Simulation de séisme à Charlevoix (La Presse)
26/09/2013: "Je sais quoi faire quand ça tremble!" (Hebdo Charlevoisien)
26/09/2013: Grande secousse : participation au-delà des espérances (Hebdo Charlevoisien)
26/09/2013: Plus de 14 000 personnes participent à la Grande secousse (Radio Canada)
25/09/2013: La Grande Secousse de Charlevoix (Hebdo Charlevoisien)

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